Working Groups

Unimib Mathematical Physics Group A. Della Vedova, G. Falqui (Project Coordinator) , P. Lorenzoni, D. Noja, G. Ortenzi, M. Pedroni (Bergamo), A. Gatti, Thao Thuan Vo Ho, F. Raso-Stoja
Institut de Mathématiques de Bourgogne
(CNRS-UMR 5584)
C. Klein (Scientist-in-charge), M. Haragus, J.-L. Laramillo, G. Carlet,  N. Stoilov, U. Mohammad, G. Kappagantula, E. Brandon de Leon
Sissa Geometry and Mathematical Physics Group T. Grava (Scientist-in-charge) , D. Guzzetti, G. Ruzza, O. Minakov, G. Pitton, H. Desiraju, G. Mazzuca, E. Chavez Heredia, G. Almeida, E. Mukoseeva, E. Lukzen, M. Gisonni, G. Orsatti
LAREMA Université d’Angers
(CNRS UMR 6093)
M. Cafasso (Scientist-in-charge), V. Roubtsov, C. A. du Crest de Villeneuve
Colorado State University (Fort Collins) K. T-.R. McLaughin, M. Girotti.
Indiana University – Purdue University (Indianapolis) A. Its, P. Bleher
Tsinghua University (Bejing) Y. Zhang, S.-Q. Liu, R. Lin
University of Otago (Dunedin) J. Frauendiener, F. Beyer, J. Hennig
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill R. Camassa, R. McLaughlin, J. Marzuola, C. Thomson, R. Arnold.
CRM Montreal D. Korotkin, M. Bertola, V. Shramchenko.
Courant Institute New York F. Bogomolov, G. De Philippis

Network Organization

The managing structure of the network comprises the Steering Committee which includes, along with the Co-ordinator and the Scientists in charge of each node.

The network coordinator monitors all the scientific and training components of the network life, in order to ensure that steady progress is made towards the achievements of the objectives of the Network.

The Scientist in Charge overviews the secondments (outgoing and incoming). He/She is also the supervisor of the organization of the activities related with the network events scheduled to take place at his/her node, and is responsible for the production and delivery of the annual reports, both scientific and financial.

The Steering Committee is responsible for the scientific activity of the Network. It coordinates the organization of conferences in the area and takes the strategic decisions that concern the Network as a whole. In particular, the Steering Committee monitors the hiring decisions of various teams and the training activities of the Network. It is also responsible for setting up contingency plans concerning possible changes in the schedule of secondments and networkwide events, as well as for possible adjustment in the breadown of the funds allocated to the different partners, should difficulties in the secondment schedule arise, or under any other unexpected circumstance. One of the tasks of the Steering Committee will be to monitor gender aspects, promote a better gender balance in the action, and suggest possible concrete actions to be taken to ensure gender equity in the network.

Steering Commitee

Gregorio Falqui Milano-Bicocca Action Coordinator and Scientist in Charge node 1. Supervisor WP1 (Management) and WP5 (Dissemination & Outreach)
Tamara Grava SISSA-Trieste Scientist in Charge node 3, Supervisor WP2, Monitor for gender issues.
Christain Klein UBFC Scientist in charge node 2, Supervisor WP4 and connections with WP2 and WP4.
Mattia Cafasso Angers Scientist in Charge node 4, Supervisor WP3, and Monitor of secondment plan.